Since I was about 7, I’ve loved reading and music. One of my most exciting days as a kid at age 11 was moving from having a library ticket for one book to having a ticket that allowed me to borrow 4 books at once –  to this day I can vividly recall the joy of seeing the first four books I ever borrowed lined up. I read most things but I particularly like what I think might be called “contemporary” fiction and poetry – but having said that I thoroughly enjoy a good thriller, a good detective story and biographies, usually of sportsmen and politicians.

My family love soap operas and programmes like the “Only Way Is Essex” or “Britain’s Next Top Model” or anything with a chef! I don’t and use the time to read, write and listen to music – in the main indie music

I love Man Utd, Eric Cantona, walking the dog, eating Smarties and twirling my hair round one finger and tying it in mini-knots that I sometimes can’t then get out unless I rip the hair apart! This blog allows me to indulge my desire to write about the things I like most – and if anybody reads it then that would be a bonus beyond measure!

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi there. Loved your annecdote about your Gran having a cardboard cut out of Max Bygraves from the Glasgow Empire. Does it still survive at all?

  2. Hello there,

    Visit wwww.thecabinetmaker.info for the first four chapters of The Cabinetmaker, an unusual and sometimes gritty Tartan Noir novel about one man’s response when his son’s killers walk free. It combines Glasgow violence, amateur football and sloppy policing with fine furniture making, strong language and some unusual detective work. Have a look; you might regret it but I don’t think so!

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Books. Poetry. Roy Of The Rovers. Scottish Meat Pies. Lines from Gregory's Girl. All with a splash of Worcester Sauce. I Came. I Saw. I Concurred


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