Sunday Morning Blog World Tour, sponsored by my iTunes Shuffle……….For May 6th 2012!

Sunday mornings are different to every other morning of the week in our house. Everybody gets up a bit later than they do normally, everything is a bit quieter and we move into the “meat” of the day much more slowly and gently. For me it’s a perfect time to visit the innumerable good blogs out there, most of which are about books, with the odd “mmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder what that’s like?” thrown in for good measure.

Reading blogs about books and literature is where I get most of my recommendations for what to read next – and although I’ve only been doing this a relatively short time, they’re almost always books I go on to really enjoy. But as well as the recommendations, I find it interesting to read other people’s perspectives and comforting to know that there are so many other people out there who get as much pleasure from reading and writing about books as I do myself.

I usually like to listen to music while I’m reading or writing but on Sunday mornings I don’t want to disturb my family, who are still in bed, so I listen with my headphones to my iTunes library. At any other time I’m usually pretty definite about what I want to listen to and so don’t hesitate much over choosing. But for some reason Sunday morning choosing is difficult. I often take inordinate amounts of time scrolling about and down the albums on my iTunes. So to get over this inexplicable Sunday morning hesitancy I’ve been using “shuffle” for the last few weeks to make the decisions for me! I’ve been really pleasantly surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed it and how it’s taken me frequently into the dustier corners of my music and re-introduced me to the joys of stuff Id long forgotten or had overlooked. Mind you it doesn’t always do that! There’s some stuff that gets an immediate fast forward as I’ve got music in there which is my daughter’s (so Cheryl Cole and her ilk get an instantaneous heave ho!) and some is my partner’s (her tastes converge with mine on most paths but we go in different directions when it comes to her love of 70’s and 80’s disco music – mostly it gets the heave ho as well – though I make exceptions to that rule for the odd song that even I like!)

Anyway as I read and write this morning I’d thought I’d simply compile a list of songs (and irrelevant comments in parenthesis – how I love parenthesis!) and then publish it to my blog. If you read this I hope you find something you like or perhaps a prompt to dust off the cobwebs from some corner of your own music that you’ve not visited in a while!

The Music!

1. Old Devil Moon by Frank Sinatra (my partners music but everybody loves Frank  don’t they so nuff said – not a song I knew before but very good!!)

2. Millers Angels by Counting Crows ( I love his voice but have grown away from this in recent years – another dusty corner of my music that I’m glad I went back to!)

3. Down On Rodeo by Lindsey Buckingham (all twanging country guitars, harmonies and atop it all the voice of an angel!)

4. Planet Telex by Radiohead (I got into them after buying the Bends as a present for a family friend’s daughter – being nosey I played it to see what all the then only emerging hype was about and I loved it. I delayed handing over the gift until I bought myself another copy a few days later! This song is a wall of wonderful sound – though more of a “GET UP AND OUT OF BED!” Sunday morning tune than an “Easy Sunday Morning song”!)

5. Switching Off (Live From London) by Elbow (How clever is the iTunes shuffle to mix my favourites with the dusty corners! And of course it gives me a chance to yet again say, I love Guy Garvey and I love Guy Garvey much more than Steve Smith loves Guy Garvey!)

6. I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by The Cast Of High School Musical!!!!! (Not mine – honest – heave ho!)

7. How To Save A Life by The Fray (mmmm – my partners but I kind of like his voice so if you’re reading this and your a trendy indie music snob of course I gave it the heave ho – if you’re not one of them then it’s okay to tell you I quite like this!)

8. Any Direction At All by Guillemots (another of my favourite bands! Saw them a couple of years ago at Somerset House – one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to!

9. Shelter by The XX (one of the most played albums in the last couple of years for me so not a dusty corner – but her voice and the gentle thud of the bass in this song fits perfectly with a Sunday morning!)

10. Where The Wild Roses Grow by Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue (I know Kylie got a bit of stick for this but I like this – Nick cave is great and the song suits her and their voices blend well! And anyway it’s Kylie – what’s not to like about Kylie?!!!)

11. Kill Me by Spiders (bought this album for the song “Female Of The Species Is More Deadlier Than The Male!)

12. Meeting Place by The Last Shadow Puppets ( I wasn’t sure I’d like this when I first heard but I do – I think Alex Turner and Miles Kane’s voices sound great together and I love that it’s all washed in this kind of Scott Walker 60’s vibe!)

13. Halcyon by Delphic (It sounds to me like dance music – which is not my thing – but I love this song and I loved the album Acolyte)

14. Adrian by Jewel (Glad iTunes chose this track – I tend to find her voice to “heart-aching” and “on the verge of ready to cry!” – it’s better on this track – just!)

15. Our Love Is Easy by Melody Gardot (Perfect for today – it’s as if iTunes knows it’s a rather overcast Sunday morning here!)

16. DJ Got Us Fallin In Love by Usher – GARBAGE! INSTANT HEAVE HO FOR THIS DRIVEL!!!!

17. Aliens by Alex Lloyd (From Black The Sun which I love. It’s got a lovely feel and great lyrics!)

18. Until My Watch Runs Out Of Battery by The Voluntary Butler Scheme (Trust me this is much better than it sounds! It’s a kind of quirky, whimsical love song and it’s very good – the kind of thing Neil Hannon specialises in with The Divine Comedy! Try it – you won’t be disappointed!)

19. Sound Of The City by Tom MacRae (I always thinks he sings like he’s underwater but I like it – it’s a great song and a great melody – I think one of his songs was covered by Take That but not sure if this one – not even sure if that’s true or I’ve just made it up in a corner of my tiny mind!)

And to finish…….

20. Dear Sally by Ben and Jason (great way to end my Sunday morning iShuffle – all scat guitars and horns, and one great verse lyric which links to books – ” Dear Sally.. I had you nosebleed pedastal high,You were my Cinderella, Wife of Bath and my Nancy Drew,
What a joke, what a joke, what a joke”! I LOVE THIS SONG – cue MOUTHING THE WORDS and DANCING IN MY CHAIR!)

Blog Stuff

This morning I discovered a clever set of puns found through Stuck In A Book, and found out about Beryl Bainbridge week in mid-June, and a great blog in Australia, Travellin’ Penguin, by someone who collectives vintage Penguin Books and who’d just taken possession of 210 Green Crime Penguins all at the same time(!!!) and A Musical Feast’s review of Sarah Orne Jewett’s The Country of the Pointed Firs – a book I’d not heard of before but I have now and it’s on the list!

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