Something In His Genes, Told Him To Pretend, ‘Twas Something For The Weekend……….

……….You probably recognise these lyrics from The Divine Comedy’s “Something For The Weekend!”. I love the song, it’s lovely mix of a decent melody, slightly eccentric vocals and equally slightly eccentric lyrics. Anyway, it gives me an excuse to write a post about things for this weekend. This is nothing more than a list of things that I’m either doing or thinking about doing or just things that amuse me. Here goes!

Something To Listen To……….

Poetry Please With Roger McGough on BBC iPlayer

My love of Roger McGough is a hangover from my days as a teacher – I loved reading his poetry to my class and I think the kids in my class loved them back – well some of them did! This edition of  Poetry Please includes a reading of Seamus Heaney’s The Play Way. He was a teacher like me. His career went from Belfast to Harvard apparently. Mine went from Glasgow to Basildon! Not as exotic but every bit as enjoyable I reckon!

Something To Watch……….

England v West Indies Second Test

Even with the football season ending – sort of – there’s still a wonderful weekend of sport ahead including the Football League Play-Offs, the Monaco Grand Prix and the PGA Golf at Wentworth. However the sun is out, the sky is blue and there’s a Test Match – all is well with my world when these three joys are in alignment in the heavens. Do you know, I once saw Andy Roberts, the West Indian fast bowling machine of the 70’s, in a service station on the M1! Oh joy, oh joy, oh joy!

Something To Learn Off By Heart……….

Sixteen by Brian Patten (Verse 3)

I got into learning at least snippets of poetry or other words through my English teacher Ma Biscuit. She encouraged it and I learned many but gave up in my twenties – it seemed unnecessary and irrelevant to learn things off by heart. However as I got nearer to 50 i was keen to find ways to keep my brain as active as possible – and so I have slipped back to learning some things off by heart – after al there’s only so much Sudoku a man can take! This is from Brian patten’s poem “Sixteen” from the Jubilee Lines anthology I’m reading at the moment. It’s the poem for 1962 – just after I’d been born in December 1961. I like to think that it reflects that poetry was in the air when I was a baby in 1962 and I absorbed it through my lungs and my skin! Fanciful rubbish I know but it keeps me happy!

Something To Eat…………………

Weightwatchers Sausages!

We are on a diet chez nous and so we buy lots of stuff with the “Weighwatchers” label / logo. Some of it is pretty grim – they do a kind of chocolate biscuit thing which reminds me of the sorts of things I used to bake and then send home with the kids when I was teaching a Reception Class! (It involved sponge fingers, icing and Smarties! – 8 million calories, a million more e-additives and tasted like an old shoe!). However a pleasant surprise is Weightwatchers sausages – they’re all right!

Something To Read…………………

1Q84 Book Three by Haruki Murakami

I started Murakami’s 1Q84 Book Three yesterday and already, a couple of chapters in, I’m wallowing in the world of Aomame and Tengo! It”s a brilliant book. If you’ve not read it, you should try it. You really should!

Something To Ignore……….

I read this pun somewhere – and it made me smile! I’d guess I’ll be the only one amused by it though!

“Be A Lumberjack And Saw The World!”

And Something To Puzzle Over……….

……….The newspaper’s are always full of puzzles, and challenges and quizzy type things at the weekend – so if this is going to be a self-respecting, grown-up, book blog, I guess it has to do the same. So I’ll leave with this……….

Which book begins with an authors dedication to ‘The Duke Of Bejar, Trusting in the favourable reception and honour your Excellency accords to all books, as a Prince so well disposed towards the liberal arts, more especially those which, out of nobility, are not abased to the service and profit of the vulgar…?’