Beryl Bainbridge Reading Week starts today!……….

……….The week long read and reviewing of the works of Beryl Bainbridge is being hosted at Gaskella and it kicks off today. It’s a great idea and I certainly enjoyed a Muriel Spark Reading Week hosted earlier this year – so I’m looking forward to it immensley.

I’ve already started both reading and drafting reviews about a couple of Beryl Bainbridge novels, having finished Master Georgie and reached just past half way with The Bottle Factory Outing. I’m reading both of those on the dreaded / evil Kindle – and secretly enjoyed it! Both books have been really good though so perhaps that’s helped me feel slightly less guilty about giving in to the lure of the Kindle and The Dark Side!

I’ve also managed to pick up a couple of other Beryl Bainbridge novels in a couple of the really good second hand bookshops near where I live so I also have According To Queenie and An Awfully Big Adventure to look forward to either later this week or into next week.

It’s early days of course but already there is the first review, written by Annabel herself, on her Gaskella blog, which is about the very first piece of fiction written by Beryl Bainbridge, Harriet Said, published in the 1950’s. It’s a great review and well worth a read if you are at all interested in Beryl Bainbridge. As the week goes on there will definitely be more and more reviews appearing and they’ll all be collated in links available on Gaskella’s site.

I’ve got my first review drafted and hopefully I’ll finish it later today. Then as soon as I finish ‘Bottle Factory’ I’ll have the pleasure to write about it too – it’s been a pleasure to read so far!

Now I’ll get on with reading the remainder of it!

4 thoughts on “Beryl Bainbridge Reading Week starts today!……….”

  1. Look forward to reading them and well done for participating! I’m up to Part III of ‘The Crossing’ and enjoying the mostly pleasant slow ride. Must get back to those kindle ARC stories that have piled up.

  2. Sadly, I missed the Bainbridge Reading Week. However, I just finished Harriet Said this morning, posting my thoughts on my blog. I’m off to add a link to your review. Thanks for adding to my appreciation of this novel!

    1. Thanks for the link! I haven’t yet read Harriet Said but having enjoyed the other Beryl Bainbridge novels I read it’s now on my list for the future!

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