The Three Eee-Me-Go’s

………….Having enjoyed following the Rail Commuters Book Club on Twitter this year and having loved a couple of reading theme months when I started blogging in 2012,  I’ve decided I’d like company on some of my reading for 2014. So I’ve decided to sign up for a couple of Reading Challenges this year.

I'd Been Tempted By The Three Amigo's Mexican Lit Challenge - but I failed the "has he enough sequins on his hat?' entry requirement
I’d Been Tempted By The Three Amigo’s Mexican Lit Challenge – but I failed the “has he enough sequins on his hat?’ entry requirement

Now I am a Reading Challenge virgin so I’m actually a bit nervous about all this – engaging with other book bloggers sometimes reminds me of a line in a Roger McGough poem where a kid on his first day at school looks at the bigger kids and decides they are so confident “they must have been born in a school uniform!”. Well, I think some people may have been born in a book blog!

When you start to blog one of the first things that strikes you is there are THOUSANDS of people doing it – I didn’t expect that! And Reading Challenges are no different – there are loads to choose from. So having spent a couple of weeks looking at different ones, I’ve opted for three, all beginning with E – and I’m going to have a go at them.

So here are my Three E-ME-GO Reading Challenges for the year (sorry about that – it is truly awful I know!)

eclecticchallenge2014_3001. Eclectic Reading Challenge

This one is hosted at Book’d Out and it is a take you out of your comfort zone challenge. There are 14 categories – some of which are not that out of the comfort zone for me like War Fiction, some that I’ll look forward to like Travel Non-Fiction, and some that make me think oh-my-god-I’ll hate that, like Romantic Comedy! But am looking forward to trying it anyway!

If you fancy it yourself, you can find out more at Book’d Out blog.

Everything Espana2. Everything Espana Reading Challenge

As soon as I saw this I liked the idea of it. I used to live in Spain so have a bit of a soft spot for it as a country to say the least. However in recent years I’ve also started to read more books set in Spain or written by Spanish authors. As part of this, inspired by the way other bloggers like Claire at Word by Word and Nancy at ipsofactodotme read in French and Dutch as well as in English, I plan to have a go at reading at least one book for this challenge in Spanish. I think my Spanish will be up to it but just in case I’ve ordered a new Spanish Dictionary already!

Again if you think you might like Everything Espana then you can find out more about it at the blog

2014-Audio-Challenge3. Ears Challenge 2014!

This is actually the 2014 Audiobook Challenge but to me it’ll be the “ears challenge”. I’ve just started listening to audiobooks as I walk our dog across the fields and country paths of Essex so this seemed ideal!

If you fancy joining in you can find out more about it on Hot Listens blog – and if you are thinking of getting a dog so that you can join in I can thoroughly recommend a Golden Retreiver – ours is completely mad but absolutely wonderful!

Beau 4

6 thoughts on “The Three Eee-Me-Go’s”

  1. Thanks for the ‘mention’ “très sympa”! I support your challenges with this ‘shou-out’ often heard in the Ajax stadium: ” Aanvallen”! (attack!)

    1. I did once go to Ajax stadium while visiting Amsterdam – I watched a Champions League game and loved it – but had no idea what they were shouting and singing about – next time I go I can at least join in with one!

  2. I’m doing a couple of reading challenges for the first time as well, though none of the same ones as you. Good luck! I will be following your progress.

    1. Just looked at your blog to see what challenges you are doing – the round the world one looks great idea! If I’d seen that earlier I might have preferred it – but am nervous enough about doing three challenges – think a fourth would be asking for trouble! I will follow and note the books you read though so I get ideas for 2015!!!

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