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What I Thought Of……….The Canterbury Tales, A Retelling by Peter Ackroyd

This re-telling of the Canterbury Tales is a really good read. I’d suffered rather than enjoyed abridged versions of Chaucer’s tales during English Lit in school where the focus was all on the “old English” – which I found very dull and I now realise missed the heart of the book – the fact that Chaucer was a really great storyteller! Some of the tales are thoughtful, some adventurous, some funny and some are simply vulgar and explicit – but in a very bawdy and humorous way. Consequently I didn’t find it offensive in the least though I can see some people might. My favourite was The Merchants Tale – I found it a brilliant slapstick sexual comedy! There are a lot of references to mythology throughout the tales but for me this only added to the stories as I find that fascinating. Overall I really enjoyed reading this – if I’d been able to read this as a 16-year-old I might have been more motivated towards English Lit in school!