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Abracadabra Allah Khazam – Shazam – For April 2012……….

……….One of the things I love most about my iPhone is the Shazam app! If you don’t know Shazam, it’s an app of genius which allows you to record a couple of seconds of a song that you hear and which you may not know. It then sends that off to be analysed and matched to their music database and what you get back within seconds is the information you want on what the track is, who it is by and what album it appears on. It’s one of the best apps I’ve got on my phone and I use it frequently when listening to the radio or simply out and about as it allows me to identify and list anything I hear that takes my fancy!

So – during April – I’d tagged quite a lot of songs – so rather than list all of them below, I’ve simply noted what I think are the best or most interesting of the songs I tagged using Shazam last month

1. All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem.

This is one of those things where I’d never buy an album by LCD Soundsystem and yet I frequently hear things I like, wonder ‘what’s that?’, tag it and discover its LCD Soundsystem again! The song came out a few years ago but I think it still sounds great!

2. Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are one of those bands that are a bit of a near miss for me. This song is on their debut album of a few years ago and I like the guitars and the vocal – on this Karen O sounds very Chrissie Hynde to me! But too much of their stuff doesn’t do it for me. I bought there 2009 album “It’s A Blitz on the strength of “Maps” and the fact that it had great reviews in places like Q and NME – but I was underwhelmed to say the least and have pretty much stayed away from them since. But “Maps” is great!

3. Us by Regina Spektor

Bit of a “torch” song but I loved it. Lovely tumbling, rolling but gentle piano backed up by beautiful string arrangement! She’s somebody I didn’t think I would like – I guess the curled lip image put me off before (how dozy is that?!) but this was good!

4. To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra

This is a beautiful song. It’s got a bare melody picked out by a few piano chords and his slightly whispering and upper range vocal. Would fit perfectly on a Bon Iver album and that’s a great place to be in my book. If you watch Sky much, you’d probably recognise it as the background music in the advert for Sky Atlantic (the one with Dustin Hoffman!)

5. French Exit by The Antlers

This comes from their 2011 album “Burst Apart” which got pretty good reviews. I remember being tempted to buy it at the time but decided against it. But I like this even though it’s perhaps not normally my thing  – the electronica/synth feel to it is strong but I liked the melody and the vocals!

6. Fade Into You by Mazzy Star

This track was released in 1993 so it’s not exactly recent. But Mazzy Star are one of those bands that I missed out on at the time and that I now often read cited as an influence by musicians I like today. As soon as I heard this on the radio I loved it!

7. How Long Have You Known? by Dive

This is wonderful. It opens with these swirling guitars and it maintains these all the way through with the almost chant-like chorus and verses over the top. The band is from Brooklyn I think and were formed by the guitarist from Beach Fossils. I’m a sucker for this almost all enveloping, comforting but essentially upbeat wall-of-guitars type sound so I thought this was just great! You can hear the whole thing on PrettyMuchAmazing

8. A Real Hero by College featuring Electric Youth

This is another track that I heard on an advert – this time the ad for Love Film. However before being used on that ad this track was also used on the soundtrack to the movie ‘Drive’ – I love it – very dreamy female vocal which is very-like Harriet Wheeler of The Sundays with music which wouldn’t be out-of-place from The XX – gorgeous!

9. Young Blood by The Naked And Famous

You might not now this by name but I’d reckon you’ll instantly recognise it on hearing it. The naked And Famous are from New Zealand and this song of theirs, from their debut album, was used in a recent advert for Canon cameras! It’s a brilliant song! It’s a joyous burst of rousing guitars, a thumping bass and equally joyous harmonies, overlaid by a kind of zither sound – which sounds awful but trust me it isn’t! It reminded me of El Presidente who were an indie band I liked but who, I think, sadly didn’t progress beyond their first album (my partner calls these albums bought by only me and their mums!)

I hope you find something there you like! Obviously I did!